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Folio from a Baramasa series: the month of Margashirsha. Central India, circa 1840. Gouache and gold on wasli. 21 x 13.9cm

I am indebted to Tarun Pant who kindly offered the following information: "This is a pictorial interpretation of the description of the month of 'Margashirsha'...The Nagari inscription at the back states 'Maagisurmaas'. The name 'Margashirsha' has a number of local variants such as 'Mangsir' and 'Magisir'.So, 'maagisurmaas' may be understood to be made up of 'maagisur' (a corruption or variant of 'margashirsha') and 'maas' (the Sanskrit word for month)."

Ref: C-India Magha 81009

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