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Surya puja: a lady worships the sun as it rises. Devgarh, in the manner of the artist Baijnath (son of Chokha). Circa 1820. Gouache, gold and silver on paper. 27.3 x 21cm.

Devgarh, also known as Deogarh, was a thikana (feudatory state) of Mewar where from the mid-18th to mid-19th century a family of exceptionally talented artists prospered, first with Bagta, then son Chokha, followed by grandson Baijnath. Chokha established an individualistic style uncommon to miniaturists of the time who followed established local conventions in their art. Baijnath continued his father's style. The subject of Surya Puja was especially popular in Mewar and Devgarh painting.

Ref: Dev20310


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