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Double sided manuscript folio: from the story of demon Hiranyakashipu and Narasimha. Mewar, early 19th century. Gouache and silver on paper. 28. 3 x 21.9cm

Ref: Mewar Narasimha Hiranyakashipu 7411

Hiranyakashipu with an antelope head, standing in his palace and threatening Prahlada (in front of him). All around are Hiranyakashipu's followers, servants, etc.

The climax of the story, Narasimha emerging from the pillar, Prahlada is the tiny figure to the left (near Hiranyakashipu's sword). The courtiers, appalled at this vision, run helter-skelter

I am indebted to Anna Dallapiccola who kindly identified the action portrayed and confirmed the antelope-headed figure to be Narasimha.

All images and text © Peter Blohm